Stefano Ginesi

Design Area, Product Design, Planning and Design Operations Manager

You supervise essential functions such as the planning of operations: what is your professional background?
I did an internship at a company during my university studies. It was there that I got into this job. The owner understood my passion and proposed me to stay. In 1992 I started working as a mold designer.

Can you mention a fundamental skill required for your professional figure?
The attitude to learn. I have a natural bent for this. After that first experience I found a better structured company where I managed several projects. And that is when I met Francesco and Giordano. We have been a solid and versatile team, ever since.
In that company I also met Aroldo. He’s the one who heightened my level of technological knowledge. However, this was also made possible by my desire to listen and learn.

Was Aroldo your mentor?
Definitely. I owe him a lot. He gave me lots of advice, including a vision. He enabled me to deal professionally with a key customer like Electrolux Group. It was a test bed to me and a unique experience. 

What do you like about your job?
Facing new challenges, raising the bar more and more, and trying myself out to solve complex problems.

A memorable project?
It’s called GEN2. This design project for the US market allowed us to synthetize the experience of other projects and produce new technologies while putting into practice concepts of clean design and ease of operation.

A sentence that sums up your work.
Hundredths also count in quality.

Your lifelong dream.
Travelling, perhaps on a sailing boat, and above all having time for me and my family and to do the things that make us happy.