Circle Project

Circle Project is a firm that has assisted companies for over 40 years in the development of quality products and top-of-the-range services: from design to online support, production and control methodologies aimed at ensuring top quality and longest life cycle of products.


Circle Project provides product development services by identifying the best, flexible industrial solutions for the development of projects, starting from the customer’s ideas and drafts to prototypes and including industrial design and mechanical engineering services.


Our high-style design solutions are the result of continuous support offered to the customer in the development of products that change the life of individuals and make their way of life beautiful and unique.



Circle Project is established as a product design, research and development firm in 2005, taking advantage of the expertise and seniority of Aroldo Guerrini, whose experience in the industrial and technological sector gained in over 45 years of operation represents and distinguishes the company in terms of seriousness and professionalism.


Administration Manager

Design Area, Product Design, Planning and Design Operations Manager

Honorary President  

Mold Design Manager

Business Coordinator, Sales and Purchasing Manager, Mold Flow Analyst and Press Testing Manager

Product Design