Giordano Gigli

Mold Design Manager, Laboratory Manager, Mold Operator Support

You are a professional with multiple experiences in the field of design and with knowhow deriving from many sectors such as shipbuilding, automotive, household appliances.
My professional career has crossed several sectors, from aluminum naval metallurgy and mold manufacturing to thermoplastic product and mold design with the use of the most innovative software programs. This is both an important incentive and a certainty, because working on many projects in several sectors means acquiring knowledge and professionalism.

How did you start working for Circle Project?
In 2003 I met my current partners Francesco and Stefano as part of a previous work experience. Then we decided to launch what was a simple start-up at the beginning. It was an important challenge to us.

Did it take courage?
Of course, we just wanted to try. But we had two certainties. A job order from a multinational company and Aroldo Guerrini, our mentor, who supported and motivated us. He is a guru in the sector, and we are proud to work with him.

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to start this career?
To jump right in and gain experience firsthand. School preparation is important, but you have to go to a workshop after leaving school. After all, this is how it went for me as well. Then, you have to be humble, listen to what is new. Humble doesn’t mean modest. Whoever does this job must set important, challenging goals. One must aim to be the best.

What are your hobbies?
Music is my passion. I used to strum my guitar when I was young. And also reading, a bit of everything.
I love DIY to relax.