Francesco Guerrini

Business Coordinator, Sales and Purchasing Manager, Mold Flow Analyst and Press Testing Manager

What is your role in Circle Project?
Business planning is the key. We started as a design firm and soon began to supply molds and productions, even thanks to the trust put in us by our customers. We now are a complete company in terms of variety of services offered, almost always starting from product design. My function is actually to have an all-round view of all the existing activities of the company, both internal and external.

How do you get to organize a company?
It’s the result of a professional path. I worked for two major companies and this experience allowed me to develop the right skills, I grew and gained a corporate culture. Over time, positions of responsibility increased, also in different sectors. It was a complete training that crossed different tasks and increasing functions.

How would you define your relationship with customers?
It is based on work transparency built on results. Achieving goals is important, because they feel like ours. We love our customers.

Is it easy to work with Aroldo, your father?
As for the technical part, it is a real school of life. As regards the entrepreneurial side, it is an opportunity that materializes through dialogue and even some clash at times. In the end, however, the mix results into a form of enrichment for the both of us.

Problem solver or all-round adviser?
I prefer to talk about the group, because the result of an individual is just a small part of the global result and this is why the group is the drive to succeed and success requires a great group and a good strategy.

The most memorable project
It’s us: our 15 years of experience developing projects together.
Magic called Circle Project, always facing challenges in the field of innovation, ready to achieve more and more ambitious goals.