Cookies Extended Information Notice




Cookies consist of portions of code installed inside the browser. They are small text files that websites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites during later visits. Cookies are used for different purposes, have different characteristics and may be used by both the owner of the website that the User is visiting, and by third parties.
The main categories in which Cookies are divided are the following:

  • Session cookies or persistent cookies
  • Technical cookies or profiling cookies
  • First-party cookies or third-party cookies

Session cookies or persistent cookies

Cookies may expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the opening of a browser window by the User and its closure) or may be stored for a longer period.
Session cookies allow users to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection you do is remembered from page to page. Session cookies are temporary and are erased when you close your browser at the end of your surfing session. Persistent cookies are stored in a User’s device between various browser sessions, during variable periods of time. Persistent cookies help websites remember your information and settings when you visit them in the future.


Technical cookies or profiling cookies

Technical cookies are those used by the owner of a site for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the User to provide such a service. To install these cookies, no prior consent by the Users is required, whereas they are used directly by the site operator.

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the same party while web surfing. Given the considerable intrusiveness that such Cookies may have in relation to the privacy of Users, the European and Italian Law requires the User to be adequately informed on the use of such cookies, by means of a brief notice (banner) and an extended one on the site, and that he/she should express his/her consent the first time he/she visits the website. Such consent may be expressed in a general way, by interacting with the notice banner on the website homepage, as indicated on the banner, or it can be provided or denied selectively as described hereinafter. This consent is tracked during later visits. However, the User always has the option to totally or partially waive a previously expressed consent.


First-party cookies or third-party cookies

A cookie is a “first party” or “third party” according to the website or the domain which it comes from.

First party Cookies are set and managed by the website owner. For these Cookies, the website owner is responsible for compulsory provision of information notice, acquisition of possible prior consent and/or block of the Cookies.

Third Party Cookies are created and readable from external domains to the site and the data are stored at the third party site. For these Cookies, the third party is responsible for compulsory provision of information notice, acquisition of possible prior consent and/or block of the Cookies, whereas the website owner is only obliged to include the link to the third party website containing the information above.




Hereinafter, the owner Francesco Guerrini, of the company Circle Project, with registered office at Via Cesare Battisti, 6A – 60035 Jesi (AN), Italy; e-mail: (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”), provides the User with all information on Cookies installed in his website/s (hereinafter referred to as “Web Space”) and the indications necessary to manage the related User’s preferences.

Moreover, the Owner informs the User that this Cookie Policy complies with each single privacy policy of each website included in the Web Space, available in the “Privacy” section of such websites, where Users may be provided with all information as required by Art. 13 of L.D. 196/2003 (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Code”).


First-party cookies

Cookies used by the Owner in the Web Space are only technical and can be subdivided into the following sub-categories:

  • navigation cookies, through which navigation preferences are saved thus optimizing the User’s navigation experience
  • analytic cookies, through which statistical data are collected in relation to Users’ navigation habits. Such data are processed anonymously and in an aggregated form
  • functionality cookies, also by third parties, used to enable specific functionalities of this Web Space and necessary to provide the service or improve it

Such Cookies, as specified in the previous paragraph, being of technical nature, do not have the necessity of a prior consent by the User in order to be installed and used.


Other types of cookies or tools by third parties

Some of the services listed as follows in relations to the functionality provided to the Users, focused on the use of third-party Cookies, may not require a consent by the User.

Moreover, such third parties may – in addition to what specified in this policy and without the knowledge of the Owner – perform further tracking actions on the User. For pertaining detailed information, please consult the related privacy policies of the services listed, in which the User can receive information on the related data processing and express his/her consent on it.

The Owner clarifies that, in relation to third-party Cookies, he solely has the obligation of entering the link to the third party website in this Cookie policy. However, this subject is totally responsible for the provision of proper notice in relation to the data processing applied, as well as of information to Users on the modalities for a possible block of the Cookies used.


Role of the Owner as provider of advertising services

The Owner informs that the tools listed in the sections of this document, related to data processing for advertising purposes and tracking of Users, are used also in case the Owner operates as provider of advertising services to third parties.

Moreover, the Owner may receive the request to install tracking codes related to advertising services on web spaces, even if not directly managed by the requester yet belonging to the Owner’s network, to allow the client to keep track of the trend of a specific advertising campaign.
The duration of such tracking procedure is variable and limited only to a few days or weeks, making it possible to publish a constantly updated list of the document herein.
Therefore, in order to receive information and related updates, we suggest the User to contact the Owner through contact details provided herein.


Use by minors

Users declare to be in full legal age in compliance with the applicable law. Minors can use this Web Space only with assistance by an adult or a tutor.


How can I verify the installation of Cookies?

In addition to indications herein, the User can manage his/her preferences related to Cookies directly within his/her browser and avoid, for instance, the installation by third parties. Through browser preferences, it is also possible to delete previously installed Cookies, including the Cookie by which the consent to installation of Cookies of this website is stored. It is important to notice that by disabling all Cookies, proper functioning of this website may be compromised. You may find information on how to manage Cookies in your browser on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In case of services provided by third parties, the User may moreover exercise his/her right to express opposition to tracking by acquiring information in the privacy policy by the third parties, through the opt out link if explicitly provided in this Cookie policy or by directly contacting the third party.

The conditions set forth above being understood, the Owner informs the User that he/she can make use of online tools such as “Your Online Choices”. This service offers the possibility of managing tracking preferences in most advertising tools. Therefore, the Owner suggests Users to use such a resource in addition to the information provided herein.


Data Controller

Francesco Guerrini, Via Cesare Battisti, 6A – 60035 Jesi (AN), Italia.

Due to the fact that installation of Cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through services used in this Web Space cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, each specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered approximate.

In consideration of the actual complexity related to the identification of technologies based on Cookies and their close interaction with web functioning, we request the User to contact the Owner in case he/she wishes to receive any further detailed information on the use of Cookies and their possible uses – for instance, by third parties – performed by this website.

This document refers to all online spaces (websites, platforms, Internet tools, etc…) owned by the Owner, as identified when defining Web Space in the paragraph “Use of Cookies by the website”. For further information related to tools of a specific website, the User is requested to contact the Owner through the contact details provided herein.


Update of this Cookie policy

This Cookie policy was updated on December 28, 2015. Any further update will be published on this link.



Personal Data (or Data)

Personal data are any information related to a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, through reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.


Usage Data

Personal data collected automatically by the Application (or by third-party applications used by it), among which: IP addresses or names in the domain of computers used by the User connecting to the Application, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation, time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the file obtained as a reply, numeric code indicating the status of the reply by the server (successful outcome, error, etc…), Country of origin, features of browser and operating system used by the visitor, various time details of the visit (i.e. time of permanence on each page) and details related to the path followed within the Application, with particular reference to the sequence of visited pages, the parameters related to the User’s operating system and IT environment.



The person using this Web Space, who should be the Person Concerned or be authorized by the latter and whose Personal Data are subject to precessing.


Person Concerned

Natural or legal person to whom Personal Data are referred.


Responsible of Data Processing (or Responsible)

Natural, legal person, public authority or any other body, association or organization assigned by the Owner to Personal Data processing, as defined by the related privacy policy.


Data Controller (or Owner)

Natural, legal person, public authority or any other body, association or organization whose duties, also together with another controller, include decisions implying purposes and modalities of personal data processing and tools used, including security profile, in relation to functioning and fruition of this Web Space. If not otherwise specified, the Data Controller is the owner of this Web Space.



Small portion of data stored inside the User’s device.


Legal references

Notice for European Users: this privacy notice is drawn in compliance with the obligations set forth by Art. 10 of Directive 95/46/EC, as well as with the requirements defined in Directive 2002/58/EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136/EC, regarding Cookies.

This privacy notice exclusively relates to this Web Space.