Expertise: competence and professionalism, our know-how.

Circle Project is a technical company specialized in designing and planning and aimed at product research and development. Established in 2005, Circle Project benefits from the precious and senior expertise of Aroldo Guerrini, whose experience in the industrial and technological field for over 45 years represents and distinguishes the company in terms of reliability and professionalism in the field of small and large industry.

The following are just some of the application segments: musical instruments – intercom – telephony – cash registers and scales – large and small household appliances – household and garden products – hi-fi accessories – furniture accessories – car models.
In every field of design and development, as in any process involving the use of plastic and metal components or related assembly components, the processes are guaranteed by total Customer assistance.

  • The importance of product design and industrialization
  • Product analysis and simulation and plastic injection process (thermoplastics and RIM)
  • Prototypes and pre-production samples
  • Molds and production equipment
  • Assistance, molding and certification of specific components
The importance of product design and industrialization

The attractiveness of a unique product design is an essential element in Circle Project’s mission. We believe that innovation and practicality are a must for creativity and it is for this reason that, thanks to IT, we combine style and design.

The various choices related to engineering and functionality, the application context, feasibility and use of the best processes and materials are inevitably associated to production costs: we believe that experience and accurate process analysis lead to actually fulfill – and go beyond – the expected objectives.

Product analysis and simulation and  plastic injection process (thermoplastics and RIM)

We strongly believe that the current status of design and Customer assistance is highly interconnected with immediate and proper warranties. It for this reason that our way of developing a product, right from its initial design phases, involves the parallel execution of dedicated analyses and accurate simulations.

Therefore, during a product design phase, we do not exclude, yet we include our experience gained in the fields of mold construction and molding with the support of our software Moldex3D.

From the first design phases, we provide our analyses by integrating them with all the notes required by the Client: from the hypothetical cycle time to the related product cost.

Prototypes and pre-production samples

The realization of a prototype is usually an essential step within the production chain. Study and research aimed at process optimization offer us a system to bypass such a phase, thus reducing industrialization costs and time. Should it be considered necessary, Circle Project can provide any form of prototype realized with:

  • 3-D printer
  • CNC machines with machined billets
  • pilot molds and molding of pre-production samples with all types of plastic materials available on the market

Moreover, the method applied by Circle Project allows to anticipate production start-up by using pilot molds, thus avoiding to wait for the construction of the final mold for the benefit of delivery timing of the final and commercial prototypes and the subsequent introduction of the finished product onto the market.

Molds and production equipment

We, at Circle Project, strongly believe in teamwork and we have eventually reinforced relations with specialized partners in order to provide our Clients with any type of service, assistance and production equipment.

This synergy practice is perfectly integrated with study and engineering of the product/mold and favors managing and documenting all production process phases, thus ensuring full respect of timing and costs set during the pre-analysis phase.

Assistance, molding and certification of specific components

Upon completion of the production phase, Circle Project provides the Client or the supplier with assistance at their premises by offering its relevant service as external consultant.

Certifying a component according to specific requirements by the Client, verifying the correctness of the process or simply monitoring capacity and production cycles inherent to costs and product success, are just some of the fields of intervention by Circle Project.

The successful outcome of the entire process is achieved through cutting-edge scanning systems, further inspection at top metrology centers, use of control interfaces, pre-analysis and post-production consultancy and real-time solutions and optimizations directly on the product/mold and on the production process.